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We're looking for curious, creative people to help us build the future of design education.

About the UX+ Team

We are a small-but-scrappy team of designers and educators who believe that all people should have a fair chance to learn and succeed. We work to empower a global community through the power of good design.

Our Perks

Competitive compensation
100% remote
Plenty of paid time off
Continued education coverage
Equipment allowance

Our core Behaviors

These represent our commitments to work as a team, to hold ourselves and each other accountable, and to work together to create the environment for us to flourish.
Get 1% better every dayEvery day, we challenge ourselves to learn unfamiliar, uncomfortable things with a growth mindset, the belief that our skills can develop through deliberate practice and hard work.
Marjory Tillman
Chief Executive Officer
Learn by doing
We put our learnings into practice. Whenever we learn something, we immediately apply our newfound knowledge in hands-on projects. In doing so, we value getting started in the smallest way possible over pursuing perfection.
Kale Mitchell
Product Designer
Be a menschWe act with integrity and kindness — we offer a helping hand to anyone in need and a listening ear when someone expresses a point of view. We're honest and constructive — we uplift each other instead of dragging each other down.
Hardy Haley
Office Manager
Go beyond, together
We are bound together in ways that are invisible to the eye. The actions we do, both good and bad, affect the world we live in. When we, regardless of background, strive for impact beyond ourselves and empower others to succeed, we transform the community into a better place.
Kale Mitchell
Product Designer
Image of Cedric Lee
Vuja DéWe look at a familiar situation with fresh eyes, as if we’ve never seen it before, and with those fresh eyes, we develop a new line of sight into the future. We seek out differing opinions by questioning our preconceived notions and creating space for other voices to be heard.
Hardy Haley
Office Manager
We #BuildInPublicWe are comfortable in sharing our journey, and this attracts like-minded people as a side-effect. Through authenticity and personal connection, our thoughts, ideas, obstacles, tips, resources, and processes as UX practitioners will almost always resonate with someone on a similar path.
Kale Mitchell
Product Designer
Image of Bianca Aguilar

Our Job Openings

We work to educate the next generation of designers — and lead fulfilling, impactful lives while we do it.